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NOur broad experience in plastisol based fabric, calender manufacturing, rotogravure printing and lamination, with different substrates, allows us to offer a wide variety of products and to produce materials with vanguard technology.

We provide products for the home, office, advertising and automotive industries, among others.


Our products are elaborated with the highest quality raw materials and forefront technology, are supervised by qualified experts. We are certified under the Quality Norm ISO 9001:2008. We produce materials with diverse specifications and a wide variety of colors, engravings, designs, and widths, to meet our customers needs.


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differents colors ands and types.
Printing Solutions
Synthetic Leathers
Upholstery or clothing.
Especially for industrial products
Shower Curtain
Differents designs
decorative and protective vynil table
Non-skid Carpet
Nudos, Tachones o Espigas.
Like me
Products manufactured with Charoplex
  Wall Cover

  Variety of Engravings and colors.



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